Statement against racism

From the desk of Chelsea West, CEO of Scrappy Crone -

Scrappy Crone is an INTERSECTIONAL organization and movement.


I recognize the privilege I have as a white woman in America. 

Even as a Queer-identifying person, someone who is only "cis-ish", and a person who has lived below the poverty line my entire life - I still have a massive amount of privilege based solely on the color of my skin. I fully acknowledge that the given privilege is NOT based on equity or justice, but instead that it is based  ENTIRELY ON SYSTEMIC RACISM.





It is absolutely necessary to acknowledge the existence of racism. With ignorance, no change can come. Exposing my own privilege is a tool to create cognitive shifts in myself and others. Exposing the systemic racism that is alive and well in the United States of America is a core part of my mission as an artist and as a human.


Here at Scrappy Crone, we don't stand for it. 

The entire artistic vision, mission, collaboration, creative muse, and experience of Scrappy Crone explicitly condemns White Supremacy.





Open to all Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color (BIPOC),

 especially Queer, Femme, Transgender and Two-Spirit identifying persons.

Scrappy Crone will host your art for sale in our online shop, with no charge to you.

You will receive the full amount of all sales on your work. There will be no listing fee, and Scrappy Crone will promote your artwork on Social Media platforms as well. There is no time limit to this offer I hope to create a collaborative space to highlight the artistic endeavors of BIPOC artists in the Greater Denver community, and beyond. 

If you would like to participate, or would like to share this opportunity with a friend, please email us!