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Intersectionality |  Art & Spirituality

"Intersectionality is a perspective that explores the interactions of social. markers such as race, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation that shape an. individual's or group's experience (Collins, 2000; King, 1988)."

Norris, Adele N., et al. “An Intersectional Perspective in Introductory Sociology Textbooks and the Sociological Imagination: A Case Study.” Race, Gender & Class, vol. 14, no. 1/2, 2007, pp. 333–344. JSTOR, Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.


Crone Goddess Wisdom

The Crone Goddess archetype is the third stage of life. The Crone imparts the wisdom of their own lived experience onto others, and ferries the process of death. Death, as part of life, has much to teach us, and the Crone archetype is a vessel for that knowledge.


Santa Muerte | Holy Death

"Also known as the Bony Lady, the followers of Santa Muerte say her appeal lies in her non-judgemental nature and her supposed ability to grant wishes in return for pledges or offerings."

Tucker, Duncan. “Santa Muerte: The Rise of Mexico's Death 'Saint'.” BBC News, BBC, 1 Nov. 2017,