I was born in Mexico and moved to Denver as a baby. I grew up in Harvey park and I graduated from Kunsmiller Creative Arts as a theatre major. I am through and through an artist. I moved away from doing theatre a couple of years ago and I have worked in restaurants for 6 years. I’m now trying to wean my self off of working in the service industry and wish to make art and expand my work with plants and animals. As an artist I was always taught to center my work around activism and the belief that art shifts and shapes the culture. As a gay, brown, immigrant I have never had a choice in having to be an activist, it has always been survival for me. So now my goal is to reimagine fairy gardens with brown folks in them. This is actually a very real metaphor for me as a POC entering the world of plants, a white dominated space. I want to challenge the setting in which these iconic “lil homies” live. To occupy space as a brown or black individual in nature.

Heading 3