Portfolio | Jewelry

My foray into expanding artistic consciousness by way of wearable art began in 2018. With my first sales in the lot of a Phish show under my belt, I continued to create under the name LoopHole Creations. Eventually, I launched an Etsy store under the name TheBigBru, and reached a larger community of art consumers. I have utilized ethically sourced materials from the Colorado Rockies, as well as well as recycled and up-cycled materials in my creations.

I believe that the transition from trash to art is powerful beyond measure, and imbues a collective symbolic power to the pieces. 

I expanded my line in December 2019 to include divination tools such as handmade pendulums as well as wands. I continue to experiment and grow my collection of hand made, unique and custom creations. I have been commissioned to work on specific group gifts and jewelry pieces, and I am open for collaboration and commission ideas.

Please email me with your next big idea at scrappycrone@gmail.com